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CharterSAFE is a non-profit risk-sharing pool serving independent charter schools in California wherein our members are our owners. Our comprehensive property and casualty insurance program and complimentary risk management services offer our members a proactive approach to mitigating risks and ensures broad limits that satisfy charter authorizer requirements. Join over 850 school sites in California that comprise the CharterSAFE membership in keeping your school safe!

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Mission & Vision

CharterSAFE's mission is to provide its charter school members with a strong understanding of charter school exposures and risk mitigation. We believe that a safe learning environment allows member schools to focus on and dedicate its resources towards educating students.

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What is a JPA?

  • Sample forms and waiver templates
  • Human resources consultation
  • Policy, procedures, and handbook reviews
  • Comprehensive safety inspections
  • Certified playground inspections
  • Contract review of risk transfer/indemnity provisions
  • Unlimited online training via SafeSchools
  • In-person training and workshops
  • Safety grant program
  • Charter authorizer compliant insurance
  • Created by charter school leaders
  • Much more...

Member Benefits

A Joint Powers Authority (JPA) is a government-regulated entity formed by two or more similar public agencies within the same state for the mutual benefit of the agencies. As public agencies and per California Government Codes 990.4 and 990.8, California charter schools formed CharterSAFE in 2004 to steward a comprehensive insurance and risk management program that advocates for the benefit of all the charter school members. The JPA structure allows charter school members to (1) take advantage of volume purchasing strategies that provide stable, comprehensive, and cost-effective insurance costs year-over-year, (2) provide proactive risk management and loss control expertise to help schools reduce the chance and severity of a loss, and (3) advocate for the member school in managing claims.

2017-2018 CharterSAFE Insurance Program

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News & Announcement

Overview Brochure
Learn more about CharterSAFE's range of services.
CharterSAFE Boundaries Policy
We have finalized the first part of our year-long emphasis on the reduction and elimination of sexual abuse cases in our member schools.
2019 CA Assembly Bill Updates
What should schools like yours be aware of on the California policy front?
Updated Labor Law Posters and EDD Brochures
Make sure you have posted DFEH updated labor law posters as well as updates to brochures issued by the EDD.
Archived Tips and Alerts
Coming Soon!

Events and Webinars

Webinars and Presentations

The CharterSAFE team wants to make sure your school is safe. We have made our past webinars and presentations available for you to access.

CharterSAFE Party at the CCSA Conference

Sacramento | 03/12

BE FUN. HAVE FUN. Join CharterSAFE for a wine country-themed cocktail party. Enjoy drinks and appetizers with the CharterSAFE team..