What Makes CharterSAFE

  • PROTECTIVE LIMITS: Our program maintains appropriate limits that are required by Authorizers so your school stays compliant and protected in the event of a catastrophic loss.
  • DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS: CharterSAFE's Directors and Officers coverage is the most comprehensive and includes Insured Person that most other programs do not cover. Board members are protected individually. CharterSAFE provides both Educators Legal and Directors and Officers so there are no gaps.
  • STUDENT/VOLUNTEER ACCIDENT: Keeping students safe is one of your main goals as an educator. We recently added volunteer accident to mimic student accident because we know as charter schools, there are a lot of volunteers. This coverage pays un-covered medical bills for students and volunteers. Providing this to your families creates goodwill with the community, families, and volunteers.
  • BUILDER'S RISK: We understand that charter schools have complex facility needs. We provide affordable, comprehensive Builder's Risk to simplify the construction and remodel process. Download this document to learn more about what Builder's Risk Insurance is.
  • COVID-19: COVID-19 exclusion was widely applied. We encourage you to review your current policy and look for any exclusions that you might have missed or been mislead to believe you were covered. CharterSAFE provides a COVID-19 defense sublimit.
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE: Our coverages are comprehensive so there are no surprises from expensive coverage gaps.

Egan Yu

Senior Manager, Insurance and Member Services

Phone & Fax: 310.984.6611

Jennifer Rubin

Dan Berry 

Director, Insurance and Member Services

Phone & Fax: 916.880.3469

Bettina Hooper

Bettina Hooper

Managing Director, Insurance & Member Services

Phone & Fax: 916.880.3470