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Vendor Partners

Discover CharterSAFE’s carefully selected Recommended Partners who offer specialized services and solutions with cost-effective resources available only to members. From crisis management to added training opportunities, our partners bring invaluable knowledge and experience to the table.

Why are Recommended Partners important? They expand your capabilities, opening doors to more proactive risk management practices and allowing more time to be spent educating students. With our rigorous selection process, we ensure quality, reliability, and professionalism in every partnership.

Together, we foster a collaborative environment that fuels success.

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             Foreign Travel Insurance

Most educational institutions have employees and students traveling abroad for short-term educational trips or study-abroad programs. While abroad, they are faced with unique exposures that can range from lost documents to medical emergencies, or even emergency political repatriation. With unique forms designed for educational risks, Scholastic First has a foreign package policy that provides broad coverage.


Foreign Package Policy Highlights

International Commercial General Liability

Guaranteed Cost
Standard Limits of $1,000,000
Educators Broad Form extending Additional Insured status to trustees, officers, board members, student teachers, and students while working as part of an internship or work-study program
No Abuse Exclusion or Injury to Participants Exclusion

International Business Auto

Auto Liability for Owned or Hired/Non-owned Vehicles
Physical Damage Coverage Available
Standard limits of $1,000,000

Employers Responsibility

Voluntary Worker’s Compensation
Employers Liability, including Endemic Disease
Medical Relocation and Repatriation, including Repatriation of Remains
Emergency Political, Security, or Natural Disaster Relocation and Repatriation
Coverage available for U.S./Canadian employees, Third Country Nationals, or Local Nationals

Business Travel Accident

Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Accident Medical and Medical Emergency Expense
Primary Coverage
Coverage available for students, chaperones, employee's spouses & children, alumni, and other non-employees

International Kidnap & Ransom/Extortion

$250,000 Automatically Included (Higher Options Available)
Consulting services provided by NYA International
Coverage available for students, chaperones, alumni, and other non-employees


$ 1,000 Minimum Policy Premium
Reach out to your CharterSAFE Member Services Representative for further information


The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is the leading source of free, expert, and confidential guidance on job accommodations and disability employment issues. Serving customers across the United States and around the world for more than 35 years.

JAN provides free one-on-one practical guidance and technical assistance on job accommodation solutions, Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related legislation, and self-employment and entrepreneurship options for people with disabilities.

Resources for Employers

General Accommodation Resources & ADA Information
Assistance in Developing Policies and Procedures
Assistance in Processing Accommodation Requests from Employees & Applicants
Training & Certification
Assistance with Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

JAN is a Free Service

Mission: To help you plan, prepare, and empower your team to succeed during an emergency.
Vision: To become the evolving standard of excellence in safety and emergency training.

Services Available

K-12 School Risk Assessment Report & Custom Training Video
Emergency Operations & Comprehensive School Safety Plans
Workplace Violence Prevention Training
Site-Specific Lockdown Training
Virtual School Employee Lockdown Training
Site-Specific Workplace Violence Response Training
Communication And De-Escalation - “Wolfson Formula”
CA SB 390 Campus Security Training
Customized Emergency Preparedness Training
Workplace Violence Mitigation & Prevention
Incident Command System Training
Wildfire Prevention Consulting & Mapping
Bus Driver & MOT Emergency Response Training
Video Surveillance Project Consulting & Mapping
Subject Matter Expert Consulting & Training

Special Pricing for CharterSAFE Members
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Since 1928, NASDTEC has served as a professional membership organization representing state departments of education and professional standards boards/commissions that are responsible for the preparation, licensure, and discipline of K-12 educational personnel.


Full access to the NASDTEC Online Community (OC)
Contact information for all members of NASDTEC
Member updates and newsletters
Full access to the NASDTEC KnowledgeBase
New teacher assessment, certification, and licensure requirements of all jurisdictions
Educator Misconduct Lookup pages
Contact information for offices of educator certification, licensure, and approved preparation programs
Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE)
Educator and Ethics Blog
Free recorded sessions of NASDTEC conferences
Interstate Agreement supporting interstate mobility of educators
Free webinars by recognized thought leaders in preparation and certification of educators
Discounted member registration fee for NASDTEC conferences and institutes


The Ed ID Clearinghouse is a secure, searchable national database that provides an immediate alert regarding individuals who have had their professional educator license or certificate annulled, denied, suspended, revoked, or otherwise invalidated. On average, about 6,000 educators each year have adverse actions taken against their certificate or license for serious misconduct that deems them unsafe to be in the classroom. Most educator misconduct cases are prosecuted in administrative hearings, not a criminal court. If the educator is not arrested or fingerprinted, there will be no record of the misconduct in a state or federal criminal background check. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an educator who had adverse action taken against a certificate in one state to apply for a position (certified, classified, or volunteer) in another state or even apply for admission to another educator preparation program. By including the Ed ID Clearinghouse in its background screening, the school can make fully informed placement decisions and reinforce its organization's risk management plan.

Annual Dues for an Associate Membership are $500
Annual Dues for the Ed ID Clearinghouse are based on the number of teachers
Reach out to the CharterSAFE Risk Management Team for More Information

We empower organizations with comprehensive safety solutions and services, training, and world-class resources to create safer, better-connected, and healthier learning cultures.

911-Direct Panic Alert System™

Instantly alert, inform and request help from staff and/or 911 for any emergency or non-emergency issue enabling faster responses, more effective actions, and better outcomes.

HELPme ™ for K-12 Schools

The HELPme program is designed to meet the unseen needs of the school community by providing access and linkages to resources for basic needs, mental health, and family resilience, immediate crisis support, and a communication channel to ask for help from their school while ensuring the privacy and dignity all people deserve.

Bark for Schools+™ Network & Device Safety System

Scans, monitors, and filters devices, networks, and internet activity for signs of violent, unsafe, or harmful behaviors, and alerts school officials to intervene.

Threat Assessment & Intervention Training

Trains multidisciplinary teams to review and assess the level of risk an individual may be to themselves or others-  then develop a plan to protect the individual and possible targets.

Threat Assessment Case Management System

An automated, step-by-step program guides teams through your school’s threat assessment process to ensure consistent and compliant assessments, generate better-informed decisions, and develop more impactful protection plans.

Special Pricing for CharterSAFE Members
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For information on STOPit Anonymous Reporting and the SEL, Safety, & Wellness Training Center included with your CharterSAFE membership, please visit STOPit (


TNG Consulting offers risk management and enhances safety through systems-level solutions for eliminating violence, discrimination, and misconduct as well as addressing mental health and campus climate and culture. Along with membership organizations ATIXA & NABITA, we offer support for Title IX coordinators and behavioral intervention teams. 

Through ATIXA and NABITA, TNG has been engaged by multiple schools across the United States for support and to provide:

Title IX Structure and Staffing Consultation
Title IX, Harassment, and Bullying Policy Development
Title IX Training for Coordinators, Investigators, Decision-makers, Teachers, and Administration
Title IX Guides, Policies, Forms, & Templates
Safety and Security Audits
Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Training
Suicide Prevention and Anti-Bullying Training

Special Pricing for CharterSAFE Members
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Vector Solutions’ web-based system for safety training and compliance completely automates your staff training allowing schools to easily deliver, track, and report on training, and comply with important state and federal mandates.

Additional Course Libraries Available from Vector Solutions

Inclusive Instruction & Interventions for Staff
Cybersecurity Awareness for Staff
Facilities Maintenance for Staff
Diversity & Inclusion for Staff & Students
Safety & Wellness for Students
Pathways- CTE Training for Students


The Vector Professional Development Tracking Solution helps busy administrators plan, manage, and track professional development activities. Our customizable solution makes it easy to create events, streamline communication, and simplify the entire process.

The Vector SDS & Chemical Management System makes it easy to manage your school's SDS collections and chemical inventory online. With thousands of safety data sheets for chemicals commonly found in schools, our affordable, web-based system puts this important data at your fingertips, school-wide. Print organized physical binders, secondary container labels, and location posters with QR codes, all through our easily accessible system.

Students often know what’s happening in your school before you do, and for nearly ten years, we have been providing schools with the tools to submit and receive anonymous tips through our Vector Alert System. Today, our Vector LiveSafe Tip Reporting and Safety Communications Platform and mobile app give students, staff, and parents the ability to share information about emerging safety and security risks before they escalate into emergencies.

Our award-winning solution saves valuable time and improves educator effectiveness. Vector Evaluations+ is a customizable educator evaluation solution that automates the teacher and staff evaluation process and puts valuable data at your fingertips. You have exactly what you need to foster collaboration, manage growth and performance, and strengthen teacher and staff development./p>

Special Pricing for CharterSAFE Members
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For information on the Vector Solutions' Safety & Compliance Training Platform included with your CharterSAFE membership, please visit Vector Solutions (

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