Risk Management

The principles of Risk Management touch every aspect of our lives, but are especially important in an educational setting. Few of us would debate that learning goes hand-in-hand with risk. According to Alfred Lord Tennyson, "The shell must break before the bird can fly". It is the goal of CharterSAFE to support its member schools by providing information and resources designed to protect the most important assets of a school: students and staff.

While an insurance program can insulate schools from the financial hardships associated with claims, a good Risk Management program reduces the toll of human suffering and lost time caused by injury. In addition, there are many mandates placed upon schools by regulatory agencies to ensure safety in the workplace and on school premises. CharterSAFE offers no-cost employee training, safety consulting services and risk analysis to its members. Contact the Risk Management Department at (818) 394-6559 for information or services.

Historical School Risks

Schools are historically vulnerable to the following types of loss:
  • Injuries to students on playgrounds, in sports programs and during certain curricular activities such as science labs or shop classes
  • Employee accidents including campus trips/slips/falls, injuries arising during play or athletic activities with students, back injuries, and student assaults
  • Loss to buildings, equipment or furnishings from fire, water damage, theft, or vandalism
  • Claims arising from alleged wrongful acts or professional errors.
Your Primary Risk Management Contact is:

Sue Bedard

Senior Risk and Claims Manager

Main: 818.394.6559
Direct: 818.394.6544
Fax: 916.720.0324