Insurance Offerings

CharterSAFE is a self-insurance pool that was established by charter schools for the sole purpose of providing customized, authorizer compliant, and affordable insurance.

CharterSAFE is owned and controlled by its members. The organization is a public entity belonging to the charter movement. Members elect the CharterSAFE board of directors who, on behalf of the membership, establish policy and oversee CharterSAFE operations.

CharterSAFE ensures that individual schools that previously obtained insurance from commercial insurance brokers, now have access to lines of coverage that are specific to charter schools at affordable rates.

To see a chart of all of our insurance offerings click here.

Because member schools pool their purchasing power CharterSAFE is able to attract A.M. Best 'A-rated' carriers who offer broader coverage, higher limits, and rate stability over time.

In addition to insurance coverage, CharterSAFE offers member schools on-site human resources and safety training to help prevent losses and control insurance costs. These services are provided at no additional cost to member schools. 

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS - CharterSAFE is now offering employee benefits to its members. To obtain more information about the CharterSAFE employee benefits program, click here.

“As an administrator of a brand new charter school last year, CharterSAFE provided exceptional services, with little more than a few hours notice in some cases. CharterSAFE staff is friendly and helpful, and I would HIGHLY recommend CharterSAFE to any charter school who wishes to take the hassle out of insurance coverage for their school!”

– Katharine Wylie, Three Rivers Charter School
Your Primary Contacts are:

  Jennifer Rubin
Managing Director, 
School Insurance
Central and Northern California
Main: 888.901.0004
Direct: 805.285.5258
Fax: 530.236.9569 

       Rigoberto Amezcua
Manager, School Services
Southern California
Main: 888.901.0004
Direct: 909.389.5390
Fax: 530.236.9569