Become a Member

Step 1

ONE MONTH PRIOR TO EFFECTIVE DATE: Complete the below new member applications and submit to the CharterSAFE Regional Representative for your region.

New Member Applications:

Whitney Delano

Whitney Delano
Managing Director, Operations and Insurance

Main: 888.901.0004
Direct & Fax: 916.880.3465

Egan Yu

Egan Yu
Senior Manager, Insurance and Member Services

Main: 888.901.0004
Direct & Fax: 310.984.6611

Step 2

CharterSAFE is preparing your proposal for you. This will take up to two (2) weeks. In the meantime, schedule a board meeting! Joining CharterSAFE requires board approval!

Step 3

You have received your proposal and all of the necessary onboarding documents needed to join CharterSAFE. Below is an outline of what CharterSAFE needs in order to add you as a member. Please email or mail (per below directions) all onboarding documents to your CharterSAFE Regional Representative prior to the effective date.

TIP: Start the application process and the board documents at the same time. This will allow enough time for your board to review CharterSAFE's JPA Agreement and Bylaws, pass a resolution to join CharterSAFE, and to complete the Department of Industrial Relations Application and Resolution.

Onboarding Documents