Certificate of Insurance

The Basics

The CharterSAFE Team is happy to help you obtain a Certificate of Insurance. Please make sure to ask for your certificate at least two weeks in advance of when it is needed to give us enough time to process your request.

Please fully complete the certificate of insurance request form below. We will review the request and get back to you if any further information is needed to process the certificate. The completed certificate of insurance will be emailed to you, anyone you list below from your school that requires a copy, and the certificate holder.


If you are requesting an Additional Insured or a Loss Payee certificate of insurance, you will be asked to upload a full copy of our contract, lease, FUA, MOU, or agreement. This will allow us to review the insurance and indemnity requirements to ensure we are issuing the certificates correctly. Additional Insured and Loss Payee status grants the certificate holder access to your school’s coverage limits pertaining to the extent of the contract, and thus must be more carefully reviewed.


If you only need an Evidence Only certificate but aren’t sure what limits and what coverages you are requesting, please upload the full contract listing the requirements so we can issue accordingly.


If you are requesting a certificate of insurance for a new location or new exposures not currently scheduled with CharterSAFE (e.g. newly leased/purchased copier, new vehicle, etc.), please go to the Exposure Update form to add the exposure to your account with CharterSAFE prior to requesting a Certificate of INsurance (proof of coverage for a third party).

Egan Yu

Egan Yu
Senior Manager, Insurance and Member Services

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