Employee Benefits

We have received overwhelming feedback from our members that Employee Benefits is an area of concern for our schools. Over the past several months, we have developed a plan to enhance the CharterSAFE employee benefits program, which is written in conjunction with the California Schools Employee Benefits Association (CSEBA) Marketplace. The CSEBA Marketplace is designed to help employees “shop” for health insurance coverage online. The program offers expanded benefit options covering a wide range of Blue Shield and Kaiser options, including new plans at lower prices as well as online plan administration support for enrollment and monthly billing. CharterSAFE has partnered with Gallagher Benefit Services to help our members review and select the best benefit options for employees. If you are interested and want more information, please reach out to your CharterSAFE Representative (Northern and Central CA: Jennifer Rubin at jrubin@chartersafe.org / Southern CA: Rigo Amezcua at ramezcua@chartersafe.org).
Your Primary Contacts are:

  Jennifer Rubin
Managing Director, 
School Insurance
Central and Northern California
Main: 888.901.0004
Direct: 805.285.5258
Fax: 530.236.9569

       Rigoberto Amezcua
Manager, School Services
Southern California
Main: 888.901.0004
Direct: 909.389.5390
Fax: 530.236.9569