Claims Management

CharterSAFE offers broad insurance coverage to protect its members and their important assets – students, staff, board members, volunteers, property and vehicles. Risk Management is the school’s best ally in reducing the frequency of injuries and damage, but accidents can occur in spite of your best efforts to avoid them.

Offering a hands-on approach to claims resolution enables CharterSAFE member schools to focus on their respective educational missions. Our team of specialized claim adjusters, investigators, case managers, legal counsel and bill review consultants enables us to safeguard valuable school resources by consistently providing timely, quality claims handling services.

Timely Claim Reporting

Employee and student injuries, complaints of civil rights violations or wrongful employment practices, automobile accidents and damage to school property share one very common element. In all cases, there is a direct benefit to immediate incident reporting and investigation, including the following:

  • Timely delivery of medical treatment to those in need
  • Shorter periods of disability
  • Reduced likelihood of attorney involvement and lawsuits
  • Preservation of crucial evidence
  • Cessation of further property damage
  • Better opportunity to receive reimbursement from other at-fault parties
  • Cost savings and diminished negative impact on future insurance premiums.

“CharterSAFE has been invaluable to ICEF, especially in the area of HR risk mitigation. The guidance, expertise and support of the JPA staff have allowed us to drastically reduce our exposure to the many risks associated with running public schools. Furthermore, their detailed efforts to help with our processes, procedures, employee handbooks and even some hiring decisions have significantly improved our risk management.” 

– Parker Hudnut, Chief Executive Officer, ICEF Public Schools 

Your Primary Claims Management Contact is:

Sue Bedard

Senior Risk and Claims Manager

Main: 818.394.6559
Direct: 818.394.6544
Fax: 916.720.0324

Your Primary Workers'
Compensation Contact is

Susan Diamanti

Workers' Compensation Director

Main: 818.394.6559
Direct: 818.394.6549
Fax: 530.637.5701