Certificate of Insurance

Throughout the policy year, you may need to request a certificate of insurance for various reasons. At CharterSAFE, we try and make this process easy and efficient.

If you are requesting a new certificate, click the link below.

Request a new Certificate of Insurance

If you have already been issued a certificate of insurance, but need a revision to an existing certificate, please use this new link. You will need to upload your current certificate. PLEASE NOTE: This is only for revision of CURRENT policy year certificates.

Certificate Revision Request

If you want to see previous Certificate Request submissions, use the link below. This will pull up all previous requests from anyone in your organization.

Previous Certificate of Insurance Requests

If you need assistance or have questions, try these two options.

Certificate Request Help
(help with navigating and completing the form)

Coverage Help
(questions about indemnity and insurance coverages and limits in a contract/agreement/MOU/FUA/lease)