School Templates and Waivers

Field trips, special events, fundraisers and other non-curricular activities require evaluation of the perceived educational, cultural and social benefits versus the potential risks. Certain activities are prohibited because they are dangerous and may jeopardize the safety of your students. Other activities may be excluded or restricted under your liability insurance.

When planning an event or trip, it is necessary to allow PLENTY of lead time to obtain appropriate permission forms, arrange for acceptable transportation, and to enable the involved parties to evaluate any written agreements prior to approval.

Under no circumstances should any staff member sign a contract or a hold harmless agreement with a venue or vendor that requires the school to be responsible for liability. This is often the case with high hazard activity outfitters such as trampoline centers, white water rafting companies, inflatable amusement device rental services, and similar vendors. Activities falling into this category will not be permitted. It is also important that chaperones are prepared to handle emergencies – especially medical emergencies.

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