Risk Management

The principles of Risk Management touch every aspect of our lives, but are especially important in an educational setting. Mitigating risk is the school's best ally in reducing the frequency of injuries and damage, but accidents can occur in spite of the best efforts to avoid them.

While an insurance program can insulate schools from the financial hardships associated with claims, a good Risk Management program reduces the toll of human suffering and lost time caused by injury. In addition, there are many mandates placed upon schools by regulatory agencies to ensure safety in the workplace and on school premises. CharterSAFE members have access to no-cost resources including training, loss control, and human resources advisory.

Boundaries - Student/Staff Interaction Policy

We have finalized the first part of our year-long emphasis on the reduction and elimination of sexual abuse cases in our member schools. We urge you to adopt these interaction guidelines as quickly as possible. The new interaction guidelines will require internal discussion and training with your staff and we will offer help toward achieving that goal.

Please note that effective July 1, 2018, schools are required (under Ed Code Section 44050) to provide a written copy of their student interaction policy to parents/guardians. If you have a website, you are permitted to post it there for viewing.

The Student/Staff Interaction Policy is designed to replace language that may currently be contained in your Employee Handbook. Yes, it is quite detailed and explicit, but we believe it is absolutely necessary.


Safety Spotlight

Welcome to Safety Spotlight! Below are links to helpful documents for you to share with your staff. Each document highlights best practices for risk management and safety for school professionals. Some schools leave a copy of these materials in teacher mailboxes and post the documents on bulletin boards in the teacher lounge.

Kim Alonzo

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Manager, Risk Management

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