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While employees are an organization’s most valuable assets, they can also be the organization’s most significant liability. This is especially true for a non-profit charter school, due to expectations of fair treatment and the “social contract” inherent in the public benefit focus of a charter school’s mission.

Employment-related claims comprise a large segment of all claims filed against schools. The consistently high number of employment discrimination lawsuits filed annually by employees across the nation creates a very real risk for charter school employers. Our goal is to reverse the rising claim trend, enabling CharterSAFE to offer insurance programs at lower rates, so charter schools can conserve their resources for their educational mission.

In order to reduce risks, CharterSAFE strives to educate and assist our members with their employment practices. We provide training, “real time” advice and other tools to ensure compliance with federal and state employment laws. CharterSAFE's unique HR advisory component supports and strengthens the value of our risk-related services, while improving CharterSAFE's member’s employment practices.

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Karla Ksan

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