Mandatory Employee Training for the 2020-2021 School Year

Training refers to the process of educating and developing employees so that they have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding needed to manage their positions in the organization. Training is crucial for organizational development and success and provides the following benefits: increased productivity and efficiency; improved employee morale; increased safety; personal growth; and organizational stability.

Please click here to download CharterSAFE's list of Mandatory training for your school staff. SafeSchools is an online resource the JPA provides to all member at no cost. If you are not using this resource, please contact us so we can get you set up.

Talk to your JPA Risk Management Team for more information regarding training requirements and recommendation specifically geared towards your school's needs.


Mandatory annually for all employees by the first day of work or as noted:

  • Blood Borne Pathogens (SafeSchools)
  • Mandatory Reporting: Child Abuse & Neglect *Mandatory as of 2015
    Must be completed within first 6 weeks of school or hire.
  • Youth Suicide Awareness & Prevention (Grades 7-12) (SafeSchools)
  • Concussion Awareness (SafeSchools) *Mandatory for all coaches including volunteers
  • Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace (SafeSchools)
  • Hazard Communications (Right to Know Training) (SafeSchools)

Mandatory for all Managers/Supervisors:

  • AB1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention (SafeSchools - California AB1825 Full Course)
    - Must train all supervisors/managers every two years and all new supervisors within 6 months of taking supervisory position.

Mandatory for all Non-Supervisors:

  • SB1343  Sexual Harassment Prevention for Non-Managers.
    - Must train all non-supervisors employees every two years and all new supervisors within 6 months of hire date.

Best Practice and Recommended Trainings:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention - Staff-to-Staff (SafeSchools)
  • Integrated Pest Management Training (SafeSchools) Teachers and classroom staff who use disinfecting/antimicrobial wipes to clean desks, tables, counters, or any other surface, fall under the annual training requirement.
  • Boundary Invasion (SafeSchools)
  • FERPA - Confidentiality of Records
  • Sexual Misconduct - Staff-to-Student
  • Bullying/Violence Prevention
  • Online Safety - Cyberbullying 
  • Playground Supervision (SafeSchools)
  • Reporting Assault and/or Battery School Employee
  • Back Injury and Lifting - Complete (SafeSchools)
  • First Aid (SafeSchools)
  • CPR (SafeSchools)

Mandated Written Plans:

  • Emergency/Fire Plan - must have plan and train all employees by first day of work
  • Injury & Illness Prevention Plan - must have a plan and train all employees on basic safety practices by first day of work
  • Comprehensive Safety & Security Plan (SEMS/NIMS) - must have plan and train all employees by first day of work
  • Exposure Control Plan for Blood Borne Pathogens
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