List of Complimentary Services


  1. Hands-on risk management advice from a risk manager with over 25 years of experience managing educational entity risk. This includes assistance with activities, trips, permission/waiver forms, transportation issues, fundraisers, internal procedures, playground management, etc.
  2. WeTip membership - WeTip is an anonymous crime reporting hotline available to employees, students, and community members. This program enables individuals to report perpetrators of crimes such as vandalism, bullying, drug sales/use, sexual harassment, molestation, fraud, arson, etc. and offers a $1000 reward for arrests leading to convictions. This program can be very helpful in notifying a school of a problem that administrators may not be aware of and allows students and employees the freedom to provide information without the risk of being ostracized.
  3. Contract review – Evaluation by an attorney of risk transfer/indemnity provisions in contractual agreements such as property leases, facility use agreements, vendor agreements, etc.
  4. Unlimited online training and risk management advisory information via SafeSchools.
  5. Foreign and out-of-state travel advice and procedures.
  6. Monthly newsletter with risk management topics specific to charter schools.
  7. Sample forms and templates.
  8. Access to webinars on timely HR and Risk Management topics.


  1. Comprehensive safety inspection and detailed report (with online mitigation tracking and budgeting capabilities).
  2. Policies and Procedures Evaluation and detailed report.
  3. Certified Playground Inspection and detailed report.
  4. Follow-up safety advisory services.
  5. Unlimited online employee training via (mandated training and elective training).
  6. The provision of in-person training programs, such as utility cart safety, traffic control studies, emergency preparedness, anti-bullying, ergonomics, etc.
  7. Train-the-trainer programs including lifting/back safety, ladder usage, emergency planning, tailgate training, etc.
  8. Self-inspection safety checklists for members.


  1. 24-hour claim reporting hotline and emergency access to the Claim Manager.
  2. In-person training on claim reporting and claim management.
  3. Workers' Compensation claim reviews.
  4. Workers' Compensation cost containment such as utilization review, nurse case manager, return to work information, and subrosa investigations.
  5. Information about litigation trends in the charter school community.


  1. CharterSAFE JPA is a non-profit organization that is operated by a board of charter school leaders for the sole benefit of charter schools.
  2. CharterSAFE is focused on stabilized insurance rates, using a combination of self insurance, reinsurance and conventional insurance to best ensure cost savings year-to-year. CharterSAFE is less susceptible to the volatilities and ups-and-downs of the insurance industry.
  3. As a non-profit organization, we are able to expand the program to include the provision of charter school-specific Risk Management, Safety and Human Resource Consulting services.
  4. When members conduct due-diligence insurance bidding, we provide them with an objective evaluation and comparison of insurance bids from other insurance providers.
  5. CharterSAFE offers flexible premium installments.
  6. CharterSAFE conducts annual bidding of insurance products and ancillary services on behalf of its members.
  7. Typical 24-hour turnaround time on Certificates of Insurance and most other services.