CharterSAFE Team

Main Phone: 888.901.0004
Mailing Address: PO Box 969, Weimar, CA 95736

President and CEO

Thuy Wong
Thuy Wong, MPH, ARM-P
President and CEO
Direct: 949.488.2340
Fax: 530.236.9569

CharterSAFE Board

  • William Covington, CBO, Birmingham Community Charter High School
  • Kristin Dietz, Senior Vice President, EdTec
  • Fritz Heirich, CEO, Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs
  • Parker Hudnut, CEO, ICEF Public Schools
  • Yvette King-Berg, Executive Director, Youth Policy Institute's Charter Schools
  • Ted Morris, Founder, Endeavor College Preparatory Charter School
  • Spencer Styles, CEO, Charter Impact
  • Irene Sumida, Founder and Executive Director Emeritus, Fenton Avenue Charter School
  • Walter Wallace, Wallace Consulting and CBO Emeritus, Granada Hills Charter High School

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Insurance and Member Services

Whitney Delano
Whitney Delano
Managing Director, Operations and Insurance
Phone & Fax: 916.880.3465
Dan Berry
Dan Berry
Director, Insurance and Member Services
Phone & Fax: 916.880.3469
Egan Yu
Egan Yu
Senior Manager, Insurance and Member Services
Phone & Fax: 310.984.6611

Finance and Compliance

Pilar Archer
Pilar Archer
Managing Director, Finance and Technology
Phone: 916.880.3464
Fax: 530.637.5701
Caitlin Knowlton
Caitlin Knowlton
Customer Service/Finance Specialist
Phone: 888.901.0004
Fax: 530.637.5701

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (Broker)

Mailing Address: 18201 Von Karman, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92612

John Chino
John Chino, ARM-PE, CSRM
Area Senior Vice President
Leadership Team, Public Entity Division
Direct: 949.349.9827
Fax: 530.637.5701
Kiki Goldsmith
Kiki Goldsmith
Client Services Executive
Direct: 949.349.9842
Fax: 949.349.9943
Denise Simpson
Denise Simpson
Senior Account Executive, Public Sector
Direct: 949.349.9886

Risk Management

Karen Bianchini, ARM
Karen Bianchini, ARM
Managing Director, Risk Management
Phone & Fax: 916.880.3460
Kim Alonzo
Kim Alonzo, ARM-P, CSRM, CEAS
Manager, Risk Management
Phone & Fax: 818.394.6532
Karla Ksan
Director, Human Resources Partner
Phone: 818.394.6548
Fax: 916.720.0324

Claims Management

Dennis Monahan
Dennis Monahan
Managing Director, Claims
Phone & Fax: 619.878.6221
Ben Hunter
Ben Hunter, AINS
Manager, Casualty Claims
Direct: 818.394.6556
Fax: 916.720.0324
Susan Diamanti
Susan Diamanti, WCCP
Director, Workers' Compensation
Direct: 818.394.6549
Fax: 916.720.0324