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Employee and student injuries, complaints of civil rights violations or wrongful employment practices, automobile accidents and damage to school property share one very common element. In all cases, there is a direct benefit to immediate incident reporting and investigation, including the following:

  • Timely delivery of medical treatment to those in need
  • Shorter periods of disability
  • Reduced likelihood of attorney involvement and lawsuits
  • Preservation of crucial evidence
  • Cessation of further property damage
  • Better opportunity to receive reimbursement from other at-fault parties
  • Cost savings and diminished negative impact on future insurance premiums.
Sue Bedard

Susan Bedard
Senior Risk and Claims Manager

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Carly Weston

Carly Weston, MPA
Risk and Claims Manager

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Susan Diamanti

Susan Diamanti
Worker's Compensation Director

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Ben Hunter

Ben Hunter, AINS
Casualty Claims Manager

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